Plastic Cards


Plastic cards are in huge demand throughout the world. Cooperates and the entrepreneurs are all in the need of plastic cards. These cards can be printed or laminated. The type and the design both are fully the user’s choice…

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Membership Cards


Membership cards are very common these days. They are suitable for business establishment such as clubs, restaurants and departmental stores etc. These membership cards are available in different sizes and thickness…

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Luggage Tags


Luggage tags are in demand in the places like hotels, airports, railway stations. These tags are used in order to keep a unique identity of your luggage. The luggage tags, have certain important information that are to be filled by a luggage owner like…

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Name Tags


We at Conf-Tech are instrumental in manufacturing and delivering Name tags at affordable price in a time effective manner. Name tags are mainly used to mark an identity of a person, company, etc. These kinds of tags are composed of quality…

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Conference Badges


Conferences badges are used in the conferences or seminars. The significance of these badges is to mark an identity of those who are attending the conference. These conferences badges are made up of fine quality…

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